HB Mertz joins Arcane Supply Co

by Lucas Darway February 18, 2016

     Arcane is bringing on a new team member this week. In addition to focusing on social media, product, and lifestyle shots for Arcane, fellow photographer, Christian, and Grove City College alum HB Mertz will be featured in a series on his breathtaking destination shots. In the past year, his works have been featured on Huckberry, Wilderness Culture, and The Outbound Collective, and we wanted to take the chance to share about his story. HB Mertz is joining Arcane as a content creator and we see incredibly bright futures for our well traveled friend.

     We are kicking off this spring with posts highlighting his favorite gear, destinations, and source of inspiration. Look for his instagram stream on our page at @ArcaneSupplyCo

HB Mertz on Arcane Supply Co

HB, whose work has influenced you most?

     "Oh my gosh, this is a tough question. The list is just so long! Like most people, I really started admiring Chris Burkard. There's a reason he's so highly regarded in the field. He really peaked my interest in this style of photography, but as I've met more people through Instagram, the list has certainly grown.

     "I find myself really liking one thing that I see someone doing well in their photos and try to incorporate it into my style. Dylan Furst (@fursty), for example, does some of the most ridiculous things with the textures and greens he puts in his shots. He's one guy who has really changed the way I thought about how leaves look in my photos.

HB Mertz on Arcane Supply Co as new team member

     "I could go on for days about numerous people and the specific things I absolutely love about their work, but I'll just leave you with a list in no specific order of some of my favorite people that you should be following if you aren't already:

Hannes Becker (@hannes_becker)
Matt Cherubino (@mattcherub)
Callum Snape (@calsnape)
Daniel Ernst (@daniel_ernst)
Bryan Daugherty (@bdorts)
Garrett King (@shortstache
John Bozinov (@johnbozinov)
Jason Charles Hill (@jasoncharleshill)
Brandon Sharpe (@brandonexplores)
CJ Triebels (@ctriebels)


"Dang. That was tough."


If you would like to contact HB Mertz, you can reach him at (hb@wildernessculture.com). Follow his journeys on..


Lucas Darway
Lucas Darway


Founder and owner of Arcane Supply Co.

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