About Arcane

Lucas Darway Arcane Supply Co. Founder

     Arcane Supply Company focuses on crafting quality USA made essentials and curates goods we love from around the globe. Every piece is designed to function with all of your other belongings and built to outlast them.

     Featured in GQ UK in August 2016, Arcane's commitment to purposeful and timeless pieces runs deep. They are meant to last, and they are meant to simplify your life. We hope to help you cut through the clutter and condense your wardrobe.

     Arcane is a brand about simplicity. It's a response to fast fashion, poor quality and closets crammed with junk. We believe in the thoughtful construction, use of material, design, and color that requires less thinking in the morning. Arcane focuses on the necessity goods that you wear and enjoy on a regular basis. 

  • We are committed to producing the best quality, longest lasting product.
  • We are passionate about helping those in need in inner cities.
Established by Lucas Darway in sunny Philadelphia in 2014, Arcane is now headquartered in sunny Orlando. All photography, graphics, logos and creative rights are owned by Arcane Supply Company. You can read about our Press and Collaborations here

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