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Lucas Darway Arcane Supply Co. Founder

     Founded in 2014 by Lucas Darway, Arcane Supply Company is a men's brand focused on hand crafted and US made goods that bridge the gap between formal and rugged wear. Every piece is designed to function with all of your other belongings and built to outlast them.

     Arcane offers the highest quality US Made essentials at unmatched price. It is our sole mission to supply wardrobe pieces for the every man with a focus on bespoke leather goods, hand crafted daily wears, and curated heritage goods. You won't find a better product out there. 

     Featured in GQ UK in August 2016, Arcane's commitment to quality and craftsmanship runs deep. The blend of in-house hand crafted goods and curated favorite brands have purpose. They are meant to last, and they are meant to simplify your life. Cut through the clutter and condense your wardrobe.

     Arcane is a brand about simplicity. It's a response to clutter and poor quality. We believe in the thoughtful construction, use of material, color, and design to optimize a product's last and ability to be worn with any other basics. Arcane focuses on the necessity goods that you wear, use and consume on a regular basis. Arcane Supply Company... because you're a man every day.

     We are a Christian organization. You can read about our Press and Collaborations here

  • We are committed to producing the best quality, longest lasting product.
  • We are passionate about helping those in need in inner cities.
  • We are praying for growth to allow us to centralize our production in an inner city as a way to transform lives in need.
Established in Philadelphia in 2014, now based out of Orlando.
All photography, graphics, logos and creative rights are owned by Arcane Supply Company.

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