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Arcane's boot balm is an all natural leather conditioner formulated from a centuries old recipe. Equal parts neatsfoot oil and beeswax, the balm gently conditions and waterproofs your leather. Essential oils are infused into the all natural compound, and each jar is hand poured and labeled. We know how much you love your boots, so we put equal care into formulating and crafting this delicious smelling balm.

Depending on the age and condition of your leather, boot balm can slightly darken dry or worn leather and should be tested on an inconspicuous location prior to treating your boots. Unlike petroleum based products like mink oil, our boot balm preserves the natural hues of leather. It will begin to restore to its original color after continued wear.

  • Boot Balm hand crafted in USA
  • All natural
  • Waterproofer
  • 100% natural balm ingredients
  • 100% Wood and Horse Hair brush

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Type: Clothing Care

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