Argus STL 1000


 Manufactured by Petri, and rebadged under several names, the Argus STL 1000 (not to be confused with the Argus Cosina) came in Petri's standard housing. No frills here - just a solid construction and very, very crisp Japanese made 55mm f1.8 lens. 

This is an excellent addition to Argus collectors, but a very functional piece for the day to day 35mm shooter. It works like a charm.

The body has an M42 screw-on lens mount, often referred to as the "Petri Mount".
If you are looking for this rebadged Petri's international counterparts, it was released under Dixons LTD (Stanley Kalms), Prinz in the UK, and Porst in Germany. France had their own name as well. Petri was a staple manufacturer for rebadged models due to their reliability and excellent standard lenses.
This camera comes with the original body and lens. No packaging is included. Film is sold separately, and does not come with a battery.

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