Alpaca Wool Socks - Charcoal

Arcane Supply Co.

The Arcane Supply Company alpaca wool socks are absolutely premium grade. They are incredibly soft, thick (8 layer weave), and rated for -60 degree conditions, but the breathe-ability and comfort will make them your go-to in any cold weather. Made right here on the East Coast by our partners at a family run mill.. they have been manufacturing footwear and socks for over 100 years.

  • 100% Alpaca Wool
  • 8 layer construction
  • Machine wash - (cold, gentle, short cycle if available)
  • Made in USA
  • Charcoal

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Adam Buchanan
The Realness

Ok, these are the real deal. They are super thick socks but not too thick. They breathe well and break in nicely. I have a pair I was going to gift someone for Christmas but now I’m having second thoughts. I have bought them a different gift just in case I can’t go through with depriving myself of another pair of these beauties.

Daniel O'Keeffe
Love these socks and I would like to buy more


Chris Darway

Best socks ever!

Gus Myers
Favorite socks

Love these socks!! Have one pair at home and about to order another pair. These will definitely be key to survive the winter.. Also big thanks to Lucas for being helpful when I needed to change the adress last minute!


I picked up a half-dozen of these socks when I saw them featured on Cool Material in Nov, 2014. After wearing them in the chilly, late-fall months, and with my first New England winter fast approaching, I bought six more pairs once they were back in stock. Best investment I made all year.

Lucas at ASCO tells me I've got more of these than anyone else (all bought at full retail, no shilling here, just a very happy customer). I figured I'd stop by and leave my thumb's up.

Yes, they're warm as hell, but breathe really well - no sweaty swam foot to speak of. I wouldn't hesitate to wear them well into the 50ºF range. They're thick, but pack out a bit and will make sloppy-fitting, oversized boots fit like a glove. Throw them on under an unlined leather boot, and boom - winter boot. In my thinsulate-lined Bean Boots, there's no amount of standing around in sub-zero temps that will leave me wishing for warmer feet.

The wool is top notch, doesn't retain odor, and stands up to weekly washing and drying with no special care. I know I probably shouldn't dry them, but I'm a US size 10, and prefer a snugger fit - they end up shrinking to just the right size for me.

I have no doubt these will last me well through the next few winters, but they do have a habit of walking away from me - girlfriends, camping buddies, all have taken a toll on my inventory ;) I'll definitely be back for more once the mercury starts dropping.

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