Rollei 35s

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This is a rare Rollei 35s in that it was mis-assembled during production using the Carl Zeiss Tessar 3.5 lens instead of the Zeiss Sonar 2.8. We have taken this on many trips and have gotten incredible results with the sharp 40mm lens. It has a strong learning curve and is not for beginners; manual light metering, rangefinder focusing (the viewfinder does not have prism focusing), and a very tricky film loading process. Once you master it, the Rollei 35 will probably find its way into your jacket pocket everywhere you go. It's the size of a wallet. Very.. very small. 

If you enjoy tricky but rewarding cameras like Polaroid Land Cameras or medium format, this will be a great addition to your collection.

From Wikipedia: "Due to its large success, as early as the end of 1967 a luxury and a beginners variant of the Rollei 35 were planned. However, because of the production shift to Singapore, it was not until 1971 that the computation of a five-elements lens was assigned to Zeiss. This Sonnar f 2.8 / 40 mm lens was to be fitted with a front lens focusing control, like the Tessar, providing a similar mounting in the sliding tube. Only the two front lenses were to move when focusing. But, when finished, the lens did not focus sharply enough at close distances, and mass production had to be delayed by a whole year. The project was stopped and Zeiss designed a new lens with focusing control by moving the whole lens. Rollei's chief of development, Richard Weiß, concluded: We've got into a precarious loss-making situation because of this. The developers have learned that, in the future, they must examine lenses, even if made by Carl Zeiss, with more scepticism. The tools for producing the new shutter mechanism were built by Prontor, a Zeiss subsidiary company in Calmbach, which had already taken over the manufacturing of the former shutter from Compur (another Zeiss subsidiary)."

Included: Camera, lens, UV filter, case, battery, and external flash unit (all original)

Lens: Zeiss Tessar 40mm 3.5 

Film: 35mm


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Type: Analog

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