Polaroid Land Camera 100

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The 100 series Land Cameras were made from 1963-1966 and thanks to their sturdy construction, there are a lot of them out there. They feature extremely simple construction compared to many of the predecessor and pro-model rangefinders, but perfecting your exposures and timing the development of the emulsion film (definitely spend some time reading up on FujiFilm 100 to get your bearings) will take time. We recommend this camera for any film enthusiast with experience, patience, and enough motivation to work for some insanely detailed exposures. These images can outshine many of the 120mm results you will get from similar era'd medium formats.

We have shot about 10 packs of instant film through this body and it works beautifully. The battery will eventually need to be replaced for ~$8, and can be easily found on the internet.

Featured on Mad Men. Boom.

This camera is as simple as it comes. No special features to report.

Film: FujiFilm (you can use iso100 or iso3000)

Collections: Lifestyle

Category: Analog

Type: Analog

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